Friday, February 1, 2013

My Life Lately.....

I haven't blogged in a while..... but I have been staring at the computer a lot lately. 
Every night I've been looking at homes for sale. 
This is my view for the past week and a half. 

I've been praying that we will the "perfect" house for our family and that our home will sell quickly too! We have been looking at houses like crazy and have been exhausted just thinking of the work some of the houses need. We must be crazy for wanting to move. 

Our home has been on the market for a week and we had an awesome first 2 days on the market showing the house but not any showings since. 
We had an open house on Sunday and the turnout was AMAZING!!
We had over 20 sets of people come through our home with positive feedback but still no contract :(

 UPDATE: We found a nice home that we love and really want to put an offer on but the other realtor is taking forever getting some paper work to our realtor. I really hope that we can get a contract on ours soon so we can make an offer on this home. 

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  1. We were doing the same thing this time last year! It can be stressful. I kept this huge binder full of pros and cons we agreed on for each house we looked at. We also ran into the issue of a slow realtor on a home we put in a offer on. They waited past the date on the offer and we said no thanks when he finally called. He was waiting on a bigger offer...we found out it was his brother's house. Dirty! Glad we didn't buy it!