Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life According to my iPhone Lately

Life According To My iPhone Lately.....

Henley wearing her new dress from Aunt BB.

Henley sitting in a highchair at Ruby Tequilas like a big girl with her cup. 

We were lucky enough to enjoy some warm weather recently.....
it was warm enough to open the sunroof. 

Henley got to "drive" while waiting for brother to get out of school.

Poor girl already has mine and Andy's frizzy hair that stands straight up. 

We got a light dusting of snow. 

Invited our waitress to church.... We have decided to do this every time we go out to eat which is 2-3 times a week. Surely someone will join us at church.

Lunch date with Landon.

Date night with my 3 boys at the hockey game. 

BUSTED: Caught Andy asleep while rocking Henley to sleep.

Lil Girl rocking a comb over after bath time. 

Lil Cowgirl!

Snacks for our Open House

Sleeping Beauty

Baby Giggles are my favorite!!

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